Coco & Camila

Original Cleansing Cloths


The Coco & Camila Original Cleansing Cloth is specifically designed to remove makeup, gently exfoliate, and unclog your pores without affecting the ph levels in your skin.

  • 2 x cloths per pack
  • Removes dirt and makeup from your face using only warm water
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Reusable and washable cloths
  • Chemical free
  • Each cloth has a plush side to gently remove makeup and a dense side to buff your skin
  • Gentle on lash extensions




Always make sure you wash your Coco & Camila Cleansing Cloth before use.

Using the plush side of the cloth use gentle circular motions to wipe off your makeup including mascara.

These cleansing cloths are safe to use with eyelash extensions and you can be assured of a snag-free cleansing experience. 


Add warm water and use the dense side of the Cleansing Cloth to gently buff and polish your skin.

For sensitive skin, add warm water and use the plush side to reduce irritation. 

Follow this up with your favourite serum or moisturiser.


Gently hand wash your Coco & Camila Original Cleansing Cloth in warm soapy water after each use and hang to dry.

Hang your cloth out to dry after every wash.  A bathroom hook or towel rail is the perfect place to hang your Coco & Camila Cleansing Cloth.

You can machine wash your Original Cleansing Cloth in the Coco & Camila Wash bag and pop it in your washing machine. (Maximum of three times per week).

Do not use fabric softener as it will leave a coating on your cloth that may reduce the effectiveness of the cloth.

Always air dry your Coco & Camila Cleansing Cloth out of direct sunlight.



2 x Original Cleansing Cloths (20cm x 20cm)



Coco & Camila believe in celebrating your natural beauty with natural and sustainable products. Their specially designed cleansing cloth range removes all makeup including mascara with only warm water!  The cloths are loved by lash technicians for being safe to use with eyelash extensions thanks to their unique weave design. 


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