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Hello and welcome, pour a cuppa, get comfy and please read on.

My journey starts three years ago with a little flakey piece of inflammation between my eyebrows. I had no idea that this pesky little pink patch, would lead to a year and a half problem that would spread over my entire face.

My routine is fairly basic with a cleanser, moisturiser, foundation, mascara and a bit of lippy most days. Not a lot of product, but enough to warrant a review.

Being near the eyes, I naturally stop using mascara. A holiday in sunny Bali does not resolve the issue. A move to New Zealand seems to make it worse.

Was it an allergy, the environment, something I was eating, something I was not eating, stress, post baby hormones, birth control, ageing, leaky gut, too much sugar, too much wine, or something I might just have forever. Things I began reading about, had suggested, or advised by doctors along the way. Where on earth does one start?

Feeling down I head to my doctor, where I am prescribed hydrocortisone for eczema, and advised to try a process of elimination to try and find a cause (to be honest, she wasn’t hopeful that I’d ever find one).

I eliminate dairy, sugar and alcohol at separate times, tried a leaky gut protocol, added supplements, increased my leafy greens, ceased the pill and included regular exercise. My body is feeling great, however my skin is not reflecting any of the effort I am putting in. Anyone else relate to this?

Before and after photos. Skin cleared up after removing synthetic fragrance from beauty and household products.

Months move on and the patch takes over my entire face. My eyes are swollen, my skin is dry, red, tight, itchy, bumpy and painful. I don’t want to be seen in public, I loathe kindy drop off, and start to avoid anything social.

The hydrocortisone is not particularly soothing, so I spend more money on potions pertaining to be for sensitive skin, and try low level LED light therapy with little success.

Then one thankful day, I find a sample of moisturiser at the counter of my local chemist. It lures me with it’s natural ingredients and glowing reviews from the staff. I try it as soon as I get home and it feels incredibly soothing. I’m on to a winner!!

I then take a really good look at the ingredients of my other products. Synthetic fragrance is a common denominator, amongst other things that are difficult to pronounce. Which begs the question, why do I want perfume on my face? What is all this stuff and is it actually good for me? And why am I sleeping on a pillow case infused with fake ocean breeze and artificial meadow flowers?

Decreasing my fragrance load was my game changer. Gone were the duty free perfumes, fragranced shampoo and conditioner, harsh household cleaning products, anti-perspirant and skin care of old. In came the eco-friendly, fragrance free products that my skin was finally responding to.

After a year and a half struggle, my skin was transforming before my once very swollen eyes. In only three days I was seeing a real difference!!

So, The Calm Skin Co was created for those of you, who like me, need a little help with your sensitive skin and want less chemicals in your life.

Head over to the blog to learn how making small changes in your routine could help you too. Enjoy!

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