How To Tan with Three Warriors Organic Tan.


The bottled bronze has come a long way from the orange, smelly, tans of old. This new breed offers natural, certified organic ingredients, violet based colour, no nasty toxins, and lightly scented formulas. This is the ethos behind the Three Warriors tanning products, and why we love them so much.

Whether you are a Weekend Warrior or an Everyday Warrior, this bunch of tips will have your skin glowing in no time.


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Which Tan Is For Me?

  • Face Tan Mist - Designed to give your face a beautiful bronzed glow without makeup. The Face Tan Aqua Mist is derived from Tasmania’s purest water and combined with rose oil, aloe vera and Tasmanian olive oil to bronze & hydrate your face.
  • Gradual Tan - Like the moisturiser of your dreams. Apply evenly all over your body for a gradual glow. Go easy on your knees, elbows, hands and feet. Wash your hands with a pea sized amount of our Tasmanian Sand Scrub and voila! Even, Golden, Hydrated.
  • Self Tanning Mousse - Like a spray tan, minus the spray: deep, dark and flawless. Slip on your eco-friendly mitt, pump a generous amount of mousse and apply in circular motions to your entire body. For light tans, shower after 1.5 hours, or leave it on overnight for ultimate depth.

How To Prep For Your Tan.

24 hours before
For perfect prep, remove body hair, exfoliate and moisturise well.

On the day of your tan:
Skip deodorant and perfume, as well as heavy facial moisturisers.
When your tan is completely dry, have a quick shower in lukewarm water, without soap. After patting dry, moisturise and proceed to take at least 25 selfies.

Developing times vary but as a general guide:
1 hour - Light and fresh.
2-3 hours - Medium and warm.
4-5 hours – Deep and rich.
Woman in a white towel applying Three Warriors Tan to leg with Eco-friendly Tanning Mitt


Getting The Best From Your Tan.

  • Exfoliate.

    Exfoliating the body using a glove and The Tasmanian Sand Scrub will remove dead skin cells and allow your body to become a natural canvas for building a beautiful fake tan base.

  • Hair Removal.

    If you wax, aim to do it at least 24 hours before, and if you prefer shaving opt for 12 hours before, to avoid irritating the skin.

  • Shower First.

    Bathe your body with fresh water and just at the end, give your skin a quick blast of cold water. Cold water helps reduce the chance of pores becoming blocked when tanning.

  • Good Light.

    Ensure you apply the tan where you can see the true colour of the tan. Ideally you will need some form of privacy, a mirror and floor covering on hand.

  • Go Natural.

    Before tanning, make sure your skin is product free and application ready. This means no perfume, deodorant or moisturiser prior to application to avoid streaks.

  • Use a Mitt.

    A tanning mitt makes for a seamless self tan experience. Just add two pumps of mousse to the mitt and apply the tan using a circular motion. Treat your hands, feet, knees and elbows with care to avoid any obvious tell-tale signs of fake tanning. Wash your Mitt regularly to keep it clean.

  • Extend your tan.

    To keep your skin glowing and extend the life of your tan, apply the Three Warriors Gradual Tan or a moisturiser.

So there you have it Warriors. The best way to get incredible Summer skin all year round, with ingredients that nourish and hydrate. So so good for us clean beauty lovers! 

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