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kind plant-based ingredients for your skin that work

Photo: Jordan Simek for Biologi Serum

Photo: Jordan Simek for Biologi Serum


keeping it simple.

Have you struggled to find information and products for your sensitive skin? It’s red, dry, tight, tingling, flakey, bumpy, itchy or sore. You need products that stop irritating and start soothing fast. But this is more difficult than you imagined. Your bank balance is taking a hit from the different products you have tried. Around the loop you go.

It’s time to get off that loop and simplify your sensitive skin journey. We did and we haven’t looked back.


Keeping it real.

We bring you products from brands that are striving to do better. These brands are choosing ingredients that are plant-based, organic, free from synthetic fragrance, bee-friendly or vegan, and who don’t test on animals. We love that these products are not only great for our skin, but also our environment.

Keep an eye out for more great products coming to our store very soon.


our mission

To provide products with natural ingredients that soothe, nourish and protect your skin